We are currently accepting unagented submissions for publication under the Wheeler Creek brand. Are you a writer? Photographer? Maybe you're a poet, or maybe you write short stories, even novels. Getting published is not an easy task. Many up-and-coming writers have the talent, but getting their foot in the door is nearly impossible. You contact the large publishers and you are told they are not currently accepting work, or you're told to have your agent contact them. Or, you finally get a contact at the company, but never hear back about your work. Wheeler Creek takes a much more personal approach.

If you have a book that is finished, or even nearly finished, and you are looking for a publisher, Wheeler Creek may be the perfect fit for you. Admittedly, we are not one of the "big guys." That can work to your advantage. Sometimes you need someone to believe in your work, and take a chance on you.

If we think your work is ready, we can handle all cover design and publishing of your book at no cost to you. Depending on the type of book, we can have it for sale at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, other large and small book sellers around the world, our website here, and our other partner sites. Your book will be for sale all around the world.